Labrador Retriever Training

labrador retriever trainingWhether you would like to take your new puppy home immediately, or prefer to leave it with us to begin training, is up to you. Duck Dog Breeder works side by side with Duck Dog Trainer in order to develop a perfect hunting companion. Weather you are interested in basic obedience, or a more advanced training package, we can assure you that at Duck Dog Trainer your new dog can go from a puppy, to a once and a lifetime hunter!

Our Packages include:

Puppy Training (Takes 3-5 months)

  • Encouraging and playful environment for positive upbringing
  • Constant retrieving with duck wings or entire birds depending on puppy size
  • Head-start concept obedience training (heel sit, stay, here) on lead
  • Introduction to gunfire, water, other dogs, and other people
  • Introduction to various hunting scenarios and landscaping


Basic Gun Dog (Takes 3-5 months after puppy program)

  • Advanced Obedience training (heel, sit, stay, here) off lead
  • Force Fetch (Fetch on command with hand delivery)
  • Steady to shot and collar conditioned
  • Multiple marked retrieves on land and in water up to 100 yards
  • Scent trained (follow a duck drag)


Advanced Gun Dog (Takes 3-5 months after Basic Gun Dog program)

Dogs who complete the Advanced course will have all “Basic Gun Dog Skills” PLUS:

  • Takes whistle and signals for “blind retrieves” up to 100+ yards on land and in water
  • Will be able to “honor” while other dogs work (remain in sit position)
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