Our Facilities

our facilities at duck dog breeder

Our New Facilities Ground Breaking

Cleanliness is key. Determined to have a sanitary environment for our puppies and Dames, Duck Dog Breeder has developed a staff qualified to manage any environmental kennel situation. With our indoor/outdoor runs, disease and bacteria control is much easier to manage. By maintaining a controlled environment, Duck Dog Breeder effectively extinguishes any harmful threats to our dogs.  Because half of our kennel is indoors, cold winters and extremely hot summers do not serve as a threat to our advanced heaters and air conditioners. All of our dogs within the facility consume “Life’s Abundance” for all life stages; an all-natural dog food recipe benefiting the overall health of our dogs.

For more information about this particular dog food, or any other pet related products, please visit: www.lifesabundance.com/duckdogbreeder




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