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Choosing the appropriate puppy takes time; something that a lot of people have trouble finding. At Duck Dog Breeder, always striving to have a great litter of puppies for sale is what we are all about. We work hard to make our customers happy, and try out best to breed your future hunting companion. While many individuals use various other breeds of dogs for waterfowl or other game bird hunting, we stand strong in our belief that the American Labrador surpasses all hunting standards even above other dog breeds.

Usually ranging from 60-90 pounds, American Labs seem more dependable when it comes to taking down a crippled bird, or even retrieving some of the bigger birds like geese, because of their larger size. Not only are American Labs useful because of their size, but also because of their incredible speed. A dog with speed can be more reliable throughout the hunt because of their ability to get to the downed birds faster, run hand signals faster, and get you back to the hunt… FASTER! At Duck Dog Breeder, we take pride in American Labs, and therefore believe in the continuous growth of their success.

Current Litters for Sale:

Litter #1: Coal X Bella

Coal-Sire-Puppies-for-Sale  bella-dame-puppies-for-sale

Born for the hunt, Coal and Bella make for the perfect Sire and Dame. With proven litters of pure quality pups, this couple will not disappoint! Coming from long lines of champion bloodlines, Coal and Bella are the perfect combination for producing a pup with extreme hunting desire and training capability. With experience in hunting dove, duck, and geese, both of these parents are extremely skilled and talented. Expect nothing less than the best when it comes to these pups, and don’t hesitate to reserve yours today… they won’t last long!

Puppies Available as of July 9, 2014:

  • 3 Black Females
  • 5 Black Males
  • 2 Yellow Females
  • 1 Yellow Male

Cost: $1,500

Deposit: $500

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Read more about Bella


Litter #2: Hank X Whitney

hank-sire-puppies-for-sale whitney-dame-puppies-for-sale

Looking for the perfect hunting companion of a lifetime? A dog with an extreme desire to hunt can determine whether your hunt is a success, or a catastrophe. Don’t wait any longer; reserve a pup out of the awe-inspiring Hank and Whitney litter. Hank and Whitney is just the right match when it comes to producing a pup with plenty of drive and a positive attitude. While both dogs withhold some of the highest standards of excellence on their pedigrees, Hank and Whitney have plenty of hunting experience in the blind as well. From goose fields to swampy duck holes, these dogs have earned their place in the Duck Dog Breeder program. With an expectancy of the same hunting qualities and characteristics as their parents, these pups are sure to make any type of hunter successful. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity… reserve your pup today!

Puppies Available as of July 9, 2014:

  • 4 black females

Cost: $1,500

Deposit: $500

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Read more about Whitney

**All of Duck Dog Breeder’s Labrador puppies are guaranteed the following:

  1. Disease free at the time of purchase
  2. 26-month hip guarantee
  3. Cannot be affected by CNM* and EIC*
  4. All puppies are wormed and given their first round of puppy shots upon purchase
*CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy): A recessively inherited muscular disease producing symptoms such as fatigue, trouble eating, and awkward gait.
*EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse): A genetic syndrome in which affected dogs show signs of muscle fatigue, lack of coordination, and life-threatening collapse when undergoing extreme activities. 


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  • We Breed Champion Labs!!

    All of Duck Dog Breeder’s American Labrador retriever puppies come from a long line of champion hunting dogs. Whether in the blind, or in various competitions, a history full of experience and extreme hunting desire is embedded within the heart of each and every one of our puppies. If you are looking for a companion that you can rely on in any hunting situation, our Labrador puppies have the natural abilities to make your dreams come true.

  • Newest Puppies for Sale

    Don’t miss out on your chance to receive pick of the litter! Many of our customer’s have an image of that perfect Labrador puppy, but don’t always contact us in time before the puppies begin to sale. If you are interested in a particular puppy, we encourage you to contact us before it’s too late! As a nation-wide puppy supplier, Duck Dog Breeder is sometimes very limited to the number of puppies currently available; therefore it is sometimes best to pre-order your puppy. Call us today!!

  • Puppy Training

    Labrador puppies desire to please. This makes training them much more efficient. Unfortunately , many individuals lack the knowledge and skills it takes to create a positive and encouraging training session. At Duck Dog Breeder, our specialized puppy training staff takes learning to a whole new level. With our various obstacle courses, bird introductions and critical thinking games, our Labradors develop a skill set that will help them become the best that they can be.