Puppy Transportation

Long distances seem to pose a threat to some people when determining how puppy pick-up will work for them. At Duck Dog Breeder, we have removed the stress involved in driving or flying to our facility in order to pick-up your new puppy. With our many delivery options to choose from, you can now easily choose the option best suited for your needs. These are the various puppy transportation options we have:

  • Pick up – If you would prefer to visit our facilities, then personal pick-up and visitation is a possibility!
  • Ground Shipping – If distance or time is an issue, ground shipping has you covered. With a special gun dog delivery service, Duck Dog Breeder can guarantee your new puppy a safe and healthy trip!
  • Air Freight – Perhaps you live long distance, but would prefer a speedier puppy delivery. Our Air Freight option would most likely serve your desires!
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