Below is a growing list of testimonials from our clients at DuckDogBreeder.com. Please take a minute to learn a little more about us.


We love our puppy.  He looked great when we picked him up and he did well on the 5-hour trip back to Dallas.  This was a great breeding that you should definitely repeat.  My puppy, Gunner, will be coming back to you for training this summer.  So far he is very trainable and already sits on command at 10 weeks.  He is quiet and calm in his run, which I really like.  He is calm at the line but has tons of drive to retrieve and is very birdy.  We have him doing 70-yard marks and nailing it every time at 10 weeks old!  He comes back as fast as he goes out and loves to retrieve.  He already loves the water and I can tell he will be a big entry dog when he gets older.  Having bred championship labs for over 15 years, I know a great puppy when I see one.  This little guy is special and a great pedigree to boot.  You will enjoy training him when he comes back and I can’t wait to hunt with him this coming duck season.  We are highly satisfied and we thank DuckDogBreeder.com for a great breeding!   Paul D. – Dallas, TX

We are so happy with (DOG) pronounced (DE OH GEE) he is so wonderful. His personality is fantastic. He has been retrieving since the second week we got him. Now he will sit, retrieve the dummy, and bring it back and drop it at your feet. Not bad for a puppy. He is our pride and joy and we can’t wait to have him trained by you.   Michael B.  – Lumberton, TX

I was very impressed with the level of care DuckDogBreeder provided for the puppies. The kennel was clean, warm, and they all looked like a happy bunch. I could not be more satisfied with my puppy. He has a drive to retrieve that I have not seen in my past dogs at his age.   Mitchell B. – Houston, TX

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